Wednesday, 9 April 2014


I always find myself layering dresses with my ever-growing collection of blouses, creating an array of pinafore looks that has since become my signature, go-to look, and especially with this dress that I wear over and over again! Finding pieces in your wardrobe that you forgot you had is always a nice surprise. This blouse is one of those items that has been slightly neglected! Beautiful pleated sleeves and pearly buttons, a dreamy combination!

I've also been playing around with new hairstyles and make up recently, a more relaxed version of myself with nude tones and slight waves. I have rediscovered little things in my make up collection like the black kohl eyeliner pencil and my cream puff lip cream, my favourites at the moment!
Kimono - Topshop, Blouse - Vintage, Dress - F&F, Shoes - Dr. Martens.
I think I should organise some 'Five Ways to Wear' posts as I am forever combining new outfits with the staple pieces in my wardrobe, maybe this polka dot dress, or a statement blouse? Keep your eyes peeled! 

Love Aimée x
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Thursday, 3 April 2014


Last week, I was lucky enough to experience London for the day as part of a research trip with university, a whistle-stop tour of sorts! From the Royal Academy of Arts to the Natural History Museum, and to (though, not so educational) Camden Town. Whilst meandering around the market, I coerced my friend, Megan, into taking some snaps of me, and I think she did a pretty fine job, regardless of my uncooperative hair!

I was going for a 1960s inspired look with the high neck jumper and checked mini skirt, although, I did begin to regret my choice of skirt due to the shortness whilst transporting myself around the city (ahem, Bridget Jones moment "Is skirt off sick?") My hair was styled with a slight curl and volume, to coordinate with the 1960s but we'll just ignore the unruliness of my hair!

Scarf, Jacket - Primark, Jumper, Skirt - Vintage, Shoes - Dr. Martens

All in all, a really fun day regardless of my styling choices, and I cannot wait to return!

Love Aimée x
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Monday, 31 March 2014


It feels great to be home for a little while, enjoying the small things that are often took for granted. Living on the Coast is probably one of those little delights that sometimes gets forgotten about, especially when living in a city, in the middle of the country for most of the time, it is refreshing to come back to. 
Barbour Jacket (Sister's), Polka Dot Dress - F&F, Striped Crop Top - River Island, Shoes - Dr.Martens, Sunglasses- Camden Lock Market

If you saw any of my blog posts from the Summer, you'll know that these sunglasses never left my head or face, and when they sadly broke I was pretty heartbroken, especially as they were from a vintage shop. So, when strolling around Camden Market earlier this week, I almost couldn't contain my excitement when I saw the exact same pair in one of the stalls and I just had to buy them! 
A much more relaxed outfit, no styling of the hair, with hardly any thought to it at all, seems fit for a walk on the beach with the dog. I have been playing around with clashing monochrome prints recently, which is as bold as I seem to go as of late. I have a blog post from my time in London coming up, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Love Aimée x
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