Friday, 10 April 2015


Another snap from my time at home, a little on the dark side, and there's nothing wrong with that. I wear all black pretty much everyday, so this really isn't a surprise. Taking all black everything to the next level; when you can't even make out what I'm actually wearing! 
Love Aimée x
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Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Whilst at home, I am reminded that I have an extensive collection of coats and jackets from trawling through charity shops religiously, which really need to see the light of day! I can't wait to get some wear out of them. I snapped some very quick outfit shots before I went out for a meal. Say hello to my black high neck yet again...I swear I take it off...promise. 

Love Aimée x
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Sunday, 15 February 2015


Yikes! Almost a six month break from blogging, and I've managed to find a little bit of motivation to carry on with it. It has been mixture of university work being priority and generally not having the desire to blog. I will be throwing myself back into it once I've graduated (eek!) with a blog re-vamp to follow, but for now, I just wanted to show my face. It's nice to see that I've changed a fair bit in comparison to my older posts. My out of control hair being the focus!

All black everythang, high neck and simple jewellery has been my staple, I really don't know what life was like without a wardrobe full of polo neck jumpers, and this coat. This. Coat. I think I'd sleep in it if it were acceptable to do so. 
Home has been brief but it's been good to have a little bit of R&R before the craziness of degree show work and planning kicks in full swing. Not sure when I'll be posting next but keep up to date with my goings on, on Instagram - you know the drill.
Aimée x
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